Custom Divot Tool

Regular price $30.00

These premium custom divot tools are small but heavy! 
Weighing between 35-40 grams and only 7cm in length, you'll be sure to feel it in your pocket.
Choose between Zinc, Copper, or Brass, each are electroplated which slows the oxidation process.
Over time, your divot tool will patina and be more unique each day!
Torched copper colours will vary with each piece.

This divot tool can be hand stamped, CNC engraved, or laser engraved with your logo or design to perfectly compliment your golf game.

*Please outline your design and paint fill colours at checkout*

PRO TIP: Rest your clubs on top of the tool to keep your grips dry!

All designs will be require customer approval before customization begins.

Interested in larger quantities? Send us an email to inquire about bulk pricing!